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/*Scripted intentionally with different code snippets from other programming languages*/

Context Context = MyActivity.this;
String title = "My Programming Portfolio from Academic Scripts to 'Paid Distractions'"
String message= "As you can see I am pretty applicated to certain scripts...";
String message2="Java, Javascript, Python, sanitizing with Perl, databasing in MySql & PHP";
String message3="Buttons are processing distractions. I'm a 'Click-the-highlighted-link' gal.";
String message4="Open me up a new window. Why? Easier to flip between the tabs while Chromin' or 'Phone Roladexing'";
AlertDialog.Builder ad= new AlertDialog.Builder(context);
//Just displayed how to code for Android applications using Java to set Alert Dialog Class!;

//Displaying below me sticking with my HTML5 setup with a little CSS twist

Fig.1 - This is a caption of me
while listening to "Blurred Lines."

‹figure› ‹img src="IMG_-b5l8e9.jpg" alt="HTML CODE TO CREATE MY PICTURE CAPTION!" style="width:200px;height:200px;"/› 
‹figcaption›Fig.1 - This is a caption of me
while listening to "Blurred Lines."‹/figcaption› ‹/figure›

I'm a programmer that hates using wrap text. Why not use the figure caption to write the paragraph next to the picture?

I figured out a long time ago that programming can be very repetitious and shortcuts are better than being a Pascal programmer being completely by the book and line by line. I'm one of those programmers that is very squiggle but well-rounded and trainable. And, professional! Just showing you myself at the office water tank! Education! Such an important quality in a potential employee. Well, not to brag...

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS educational_background
degree char(50),
study char(100),
school char(100),
gpa decimal (2,1)
INSERT INTO educationl_background (degree, study, school, gpa) VALUES ("B.S.", "Computer Science", "Madonna University", 3.8), ("B.S.", "Mathematics", "Madonna University", 3.8), ("M.S.", "IT with focus in Cybersecurity", "Florida Institute of Technology", 4.0);

Degree Study School GPA
B.S. Computer Science Madonna University 3.8
B.S. Mathematics Madonna University 3.8
M.S. IT with focus in Cybersecurity Florida Institute of Technology 4.0

//PHP & MySQL code snippets behind the scenes to create this table, see below:
‹table border="1" align=center›
‹?php $sql = "SELECT * FROM educational_background"; $result = $db-query($sql); while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { ?›
‹td›‹?php echo $row['Degree']; ?›‹/td›
‹td›‹?php echo $row['Study']; ?› ‹/td›
‹td›‹?php echo $row['School']; ?› ‹/td›
‹td›‹?php echo $row['GPA']; ?› ‹/td›
‹?php } ?› ‹/tr›

If I had a search box attached to this web page, I would use Perl to sanitize any input. Here's some code to sanitize for numbers only:

while () {
print 'Enter the number you want to print(0-9): ';
chomp($_ = );
if (/^\d$/)
{ last; }
elsif (/^$/)
{ print "Nothing was inputed by you.\n"; }
elsif (/\D/)
{ if (/[a-zA-z]/) { print "Your number contained a letter or letters.\n"; }
elsif (/^-\d/)
{ print "We don't print out negative numbers.\n"; }
elsif (/\./)
{ print "Printing out decimal numbers is not our expertise.\n"; }
elsif (/[\W_]/)
{ print "It's not a number, it's not a letter, it's not a decimal...idk\n"; } }
elsif ($_ > 9) { print "0 through 9, please.\n"; } }

But, I prefer not to be SQL injected. Computer vaccines and Rxs seem to be inaffected according to Virus Bulletin and E Hacking News on Twitter. It pays to be focused in Cybersecurity. That is why I like testing and breaking web pages. 'Hey, I SQL injected you. Tightening up the 'white box!'" Just for the record, I been through the 'Trojan War' a few times. I tried to keep that 'backdoor' closed from that sneaky viral worm family called, the Confickers. Had the "Blue Screen of Death," but bypassed it. I don't remember how. I was so excited when I got to my desktop page that I forgot to write it down. Trust me, put enough pressure on me and I'll recall it. Might take a day! Also, I'm good with passwords, and forgetful with them. So, you don't need to worry about sending a memo to change passwords every 6 months, just every 3 months.

Enough bragging about what I did during my academic career. Let's move towards my career in 'Paid Distractions,' I currently work at Sylvan Learning Center as a Math Tutor, Robotics instructor using the WeDo software, and Coding & Game Design instructor in Tynker. Sorry, I can't post photos. I signed a contract. And, I can't make this website private. Before I forget, this source code is not open-source! Also, I work at KFC! I say "I guarantee you'll love it" some days, and cook the chicken to guarantee you'll love it other days. If not, I can guarantee you'll get the P.L.E.A.S.E. treatment not the B.L.A.S.T. treatment. Every time, I will Politely Listen to you, Express Apology for the mishap, and Satisfy Extra with 'cookies' or give you free 'Java.' See I'm corporate trainable!

The Important Part! Downtime! I love being with my husband, Keith. We like going out to different places like Quebec; trying out new restaurants i.e. Shakura, 5-7-9, Meritage, and even eating at the local VFW posts for some fish 'n' chips! Yes, I do speak French but not fluently as a native. My fluency levels are on my resume in the 'Additional Skills' section. Also, I run a Kiva Lending team called "Prayeranswrd777" through Kiva.org and on Twitter, @prayeranswrd777.

If this was entertaining and you liked me on script, here's my contact information: num=int(input("Phone: 248-508-2092")) return num   print ("Email: amandamurray847@gmail.com")  #‹==Python!

If you want to see more unacademic work, fork me at Codeacademy.com:  Fork/View My 3-year old CodeAcademy work

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